WALL Recordings

Discover Wall Recording Studios, a premier music production facility. Spanning 600 square meters, this ultra-modern complex houses 6 cutting-edge music production studios, a recording booth, and a sprawling Live room. This visionary design is centered around the future of music and artists.

Studio 1: Breakthrough in Creativity Experience Studio 1, a fusion of modern Art Deco aesthetics and breathtaking views. This space is dedicated to fostering creativity and collaboration, with unmatched acoustics and a spacious live room at the left side.

Studio 2: Full-Scale Production Studio 2 is the destination for full-scale music production. Seamlessly connected to recording booths and a live room, it offers swift and pristine acoustic responses.

Studio 3: Uninterrupted Focus Studio 3 provides a distraction-free environment, taking your music and inspiration to new depths.

Live Room and Booths: Magic Awaits Connected seamlessly to Studios 1 and 2, our Live room doubles as a writing room. Every sound is meticulously captured, awaiting that perfect moment when magic happens.

Studios 4 and 5: 24/7 Creativity Designed for round-the-clock music production, Studios 4 and 5 boast sound insulation and powerful color themes.


  • Specs
  • Surface: 600 m2
  • 6 music production studio
  • Live room + recording booth
  • Location: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Acoustic designer: Pinna Acoustics - Jelle van der Voet
  • Year: 2023
  • Owner: Wall Recordings