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The Space 

The studio in Haarlem, 20 minutes from Amsterdam city centre, houses an amazing collection of fully-restored vintage analogue recording, mastering and cutting equipment sourced from a variety of historic world-famous studios.

Artone Studio opened in 2018, marking the 20th anniversary of Record Industry,
Europeʼs vinyl pressing plant in the Netherlands. For over five years, our team,led by British producer/DJ David Hill, sought out vintage valve gear of the 1950s-1970s that had made iconic recordings in legendary studioʼs around the USA and UK.

We created a live room and mastering space designed for live performances. A state of the art, high fidelity, live recording space utilizing high-quality modern and vintage analog recordingand mastering techniques and equipment. We aim to create recordings that capture the energy and direct sound of a live performance, with the warmth and depth of the pre-transistor, pre-digital era.

Much of the equipment is the highest standard recording, mastering and cutting equipment ever made, including vintage high-end mics such as Neumann M49 and Neumann and Scully cutting lathes, Westrex and

Grampian cutting gear. Some of it is extremely rare – and in some cases absolutely unique. The equipment was meticulously restored and brought back up to original specifications and installed in Artone. The RCA 76D mixing desk is one of only four remaining of the type – one of which was used at Sun studios. Our Westrex Capitol cutting amps were designed uniquely for Capitol studios and were used for the Beatles, Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra US recordings. The RCA 74B microphones were specifically designed by RCA for internal use and were never offered commercially. And some of our equipment, such as the Reeve Sound portable mixing deskand our [Cinema] limiters, came from Hollywood studios, that had significantly bigger budgets and better quality gear than the music industry could afford in the 1950ʼs.

The space was acoustically designed by Jelle van der Voet of Pinna Acoustics, who also has designed for Wisseloord, Martin Garrix and Afrojack amongst others.

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