Nicky Romero

The Space |

Nicky Romero’s main studio is in the building of protocol records and instigate studios. Nick wanted his new studio to feel homey so that he could work in it for long days. He left us completely free to come up with a design. The most important aspects of the studio is that it sounds great and the mix balance is super well translated to the outside world so that there are no more doubts about finding the right mix balance.

Acoustic design |

Top notch acoustic engineering and unique studio design go hand in hand in this project. Equipped with a large PMC full-range main speaker system combined with a studio acoustics fully designed on this system will gives you a large sound image. The sound image continues to surprise you on both loud and soft volumes. Super accurate, great response and a sweet spot as large as the room itself.

  • Specs
  • Speakers: PMC MB2-XBD

"WOW that low frequency detail!"

Nicky Romero