The Space |

Afrojack contracted Pinna Acoustics to design a new studio complex, consisting of two studios and two recording spaces. The main studio has turned into an inspiring great sounding working space. All acoustic parts en segments were custom developed for this studio. The end result is impressive. With its PMC BB5 XBD speakers, this studio has an immense sound image with maximum focus and control.


Acoustic design |

When desiging a studio for a world class producer you have to know your proffesion. Afrojack is touring around the world for many years, worked in top notch studios worldwide and know like no one else how he wants his studio to sound. Large studio complexes are cited as a reference and the task is to go beyond in acoustic engineering. Side effect is the space is tested directly by the largest PMC speaker system that exists. If engineered correctly, like it is, this results in the biggest and loudest sound image you ever image.

Since we designed this studio, many more collaborations have emerged. In addition to the Netherlands, we designed and build a studio for Afrojack in Belgium, Dubai and Ibiza.

  • Specs
  • Speakers: PMC BB5-XBD

”This a where the magic happens”