A Dutch company

specialized in Acoustics

and Audio Design


Established in 2014 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Pinna Acoustics operates at the intersection of sound and acoustics. We specialize in engineering, designing, and constructing a diverse array of projects, including music production studios, mastering rooms, Dolby Atmos mixing stages, cinemas, on-air radio facilities, and recording studios.

Our unique acoustic design concept is the product of our exceptional expertise in physics, mechanical engineering, and audio design, combined with years of hands-on experience in music and broadcast studios.

Pinna Acoustics' projects are distinguished by their precise sound reproduction, expansive soundstage, incredibly detailed and deep bass response, and a sweet spot as expansive as the room itself.

Beyond the imperative of demonstrably good sound quality, the ambiance of a room is equally crucial. All human senses contribute to the psychoacoustic processing of sound. Materials, shapes, sightlines, volume, texture, lighting, and air quality all contribute to our perception of space and must complement each other.

The scope of our work extends globally, with services ranging from acoustic engineering, soundproofing, construction, and installation to HVAC design, lighting design, architectural and interior design, and on-site consultancy. For specialized needs, we collaborate closely with companies specialized in their respective fields to ensure comprehensive design, construction, and technical installation of any sound-related project.